A private service dedicated to the aftercare of your pet.

Sad though it is, the fact is that our pets do not live as long as us. Sooner or later most of us will experience the heartache of losing a much loved family pet and friend. Often in our grief we have difficulty coping with the decisions as to what to do with our pet’s body, and also to know what options are available. Red Deer Pet Cremation Service offers a warm and caring service when it comes time to say your final goodbye.

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice and can be arranged through your vet clinic, or directly with the Red Deer Pet Cremation Service.

Browse our selection of metal urns...

Silver Heart w/ Jewel Adornments - #33E Silver Heart w/ Jewel Adornments - #33E

(pearl and rhinestones)

Suited to our very small pets - under 4 lbs.

Name engraved


Classic Pawprint Series – #11 Pewter w/Brass Classic Pawprint Series – #11 Pewter w/Brass

Handcrafted in brass and beautifully finished with various electroplating and polished highlights around the lids.  The pewter and brass finishes come with paw imprints that encircle the urn.


A little about us…

Gerald and Connie Tomalty, have owned and operated the Red Deer Pet Cremation Service (formerly known as the “Red Deer Pet Cemetery”) since June of 1997. The service had already been in existence for over 10 years prior to that. Gerald, one of seven children, grew up on a dairy farm west of Red Deer, and was a dairy farmer for many years. Connie, has been in Red Deer most of her life, and together they have three grown sons. They both have a love for animals, and own a dog, Ernie (who is a five year old black and white Cocker Spaniel). They used to have a pot bellied pig and a chinchilla named Ewok!

As a family owned and operated business we pride ourselves in providing the quality of care and attention our clients have come to know and expect of us.