There are two types of cremation available: private and communal (general). A Private Cremation is when your pet is cremated individually, on its’ own, and the ashes (cremains) are returned to you. We carry a wide variety of boxes, scatterboxes, and urns for return of the cremains. If you wish to scatter the ashes in your garden or any other special place, you may feel free to do so. Some pet owners choose to keep the cremains indefinitely. This is a personal choice.

We service most of the veterinary clinics in Central Alberta.  Arrangements and payment can be made directly through them.  The clinic will contact us, and we will go to the clinic and pick up your pet’s body.  Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned to the clinic for pick up by you there.

Price varies according to the type of cremation chosen, the choice of urn, the weight of the pet, and the length of distance travelled to pick up the body.  Your veterinary clinic will have the pricing information that you need.

A communal or “general” cremation is where your beloved pet is cremated with others. In this case, the ashes cannot be returned to you. The ashes are spread in the peaceful countryside west of Red Deer, completing the circle of life. This is a less expensive alternative. The cost of a communal cremation varies according to weight and distance travelled.  Again, your veterinary clinic will have the pricing information that you need.